SEKI city is located at the center of the island
Also known as
"City of Cutlery"

The skills of swordsmiths have been handed down in the historical "City of Cutlery". This is a gem of a product created by that spirit for you.

G.Sakai develops and manufactures pocket knives and kitchen knives in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, where is famous as a "City of Cutlery" in Japan, a city that prides itself on its high quality manufacturing. For more than 700 years, skilled artisans called "swordsmiths" have been active in Seki City and have infused mystical powers into the Japanese sword, the soul of the samurai.

In a town where such traditions and techniques are still alive, we have inherited the spirit of sword craftsmen and are producing high quality products that live up to the name "Made in SEKI".

Using the know-how of a knife maker, we are pursuing the next generation of knives that are both practical and beautiful.

G.Sakai uses its expertise as a world-renowned knife maker to produce many knives for culinary use. The sharpness of these knives,Created by the fusion of traditional technology and the most advanced polishing techniques, is amazing and even described as artistic.

In addition, the beauty of the blade and handle is the result of the delicate Japanese craftsmanship. Because it is something we use every day, we strive for beauty and enjoyment as well as practicality. We are confident that you will feel the true value of our products the moment you take them into your hands.

G.SAKAI KNIFE MUSEUM Knives of the world in one place.

The G.Sakai Knife Museum displays a number of rare and valuable knives collected from around the world, including the Gulliver's Special Knife,which was once registered in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest knife, measuring at five-meter long.
In the adjacent showroom, Gulliver's products are also available for direct sale.


GO TO SHOPPING Here's the entrance to the Online shop.

This is the official online shop run by G. Sakai. We sell our original pocket knives and other high quality knives with excellent sharpness. You can also check out the new products and the limited sales that only manufacturers can offer.